Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

News to Know!

May 22, 2016

Three more weeks, more or less, to go! Thank you for helping your child stay focused on school, which I know is difficult since our weather has become warm and summer-like.

4th/5th Grade Track Meet

The kids were running; they were jumping; they were throwing; they were pulling; they were cheering......and they were having fun! That's how the 4th/5th grade track meet held last Wednesday could be described. Unfortunately, their teacher didn't snap any pictures of this event, but I'm sure you heard all about the meet when your child got home. Thank you to Mr. Guell for organizing the event.

STAR Test Results

The students gave their best effort last week when they sat down to complete the STAR reading and math tests. It was exciting to see the students' improvement.

As you know, the STAR test is given to the students three times a year to show each student's progress, and consequently, to guide instruction. The results will be coming home this week. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Viking 5K- Run for the Playground

Mark your calendar for June 7th! That's the date when all of Gibraltar Elementary will be running (walking!) for the soon-to-be-installed elementary playground. To help the students with their fundraising efforts, I will pledge $1 to each of the students. They just need to ask.

The End Is Near for Library Book Check-Outs

The last day to check out library books will be May 27. Please remind your child to return any books they are not currently reading to help our librarians get a jump-start on reshelving the mass of books they are expecting to have turned in at the end of the year.

William Tell's Overshirt

What a sight that greeted this teacher when she picked up her students from Music class!Zoom in on the picture below to see some of the unique "instruments" being played.
Big image

What We are Learning this Week

It is the end of the year, to be sure! In Math we will begin reviewing the many concepts we have covered over the course of 5th grade.

This week in Writing the students will begin applying the techniques they learned about writing argument pieces to write an argument piece about the topic of their choice. The students will be encouraged to use their time wisely as this lesson is designed to be accomplished in one week. Please ask your child what their topic is and engage them in a conversation about it.

Hattie Campbell's diary will continue to be our go-to source for ELA. We will make interpretations about this book and decide who has power in the books we read. Additionally, we will use non-fiction information to better understand the nonfiction books we are reading in class and in our book clubs.

Math Extension will meet only one day this week (see earlier note about it being the end of the year). During this time we will graph rates of speed.

Upcoming Events

May 24

Coast Guard Water Safety Presentation

7th Grade Choir Performance

May 26



May 26


Spring Concert

May 27


6th Grade Poetry Slam

May 31


Specials Assembly

June 2 & 3

P.E. Classes

Mrs. W's Class to Golf Course

June 3


Writers' Celebration

June 7

Viking 5K

June 8

Last Day of School!