Bend it like Beckham ~ film report~

From the perspective of Dalia Stanley

The creator

Gurinder Chadha

Born: January 10, 1960 (age 53), Nairobi, Kenya

Spouse: Paul Mayeda Berges

Children: Kumiko Berges, Ronak Berges

Nominations: Golden Globe Award for Best Film - Musical or Comedy, British Independent Film Award for Best British Independent Film, Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay, BAFTA Award for Best British FilmMore .

About the film....

bend it like Beckham is a British film that was released in 2002 April 11, the producers of this film are: paul Mayeda Berges, Gurinder Chadha, Ulrich Felsberg, Zygi Kamasa, Deepak Nayar, Paul Ritchie, Haneet Vaswani and Barbara Von Wrangell. The companies that produced this film are: Film Future and Fox Searchlight pictures

The story

A cup of soccer, with a pinch of comedy and drama, a dash of culture with a touch of romance is the recipe for... entertainment, a once in a life time oppertunity you won't regret! Bend it like beckham is a film about a young girl who wants to follow her dream of becoming a professional football player, but her cutural tradition is standing in her way. Wil her parents will make her happy and let her follow her dreams, or force her to act like a safisticated proper woman and follow in the foot steps of her tradition.


Bend it Like Beckham Trailer

Performance of the main character...

Jess is a very lovable character (at times during the movie), my favorite scene that jess was in was when she didn't argue with her parents and decided to be at her sister's side during, her wedding when she knew she had the grand final and wold much rather attend that.

Likes and Dislikes about the movie..

I liked the moral of the mmovie and what it was trying to teach me. The charactors in the movie set a good example for the viewers to follow (which made it easier for me to understand the movie beter).

I disliked how Jess' parents didn't understand Jess' needs because Jess is a gifted young woman and deserved a lot because: she was loyal to pinky when she had her wedding on the same date of jess' grand final, and Jess passed her exams and made it into college.

Filming techniques:

The filming techniques all fit in together really well the lighting, music and directing were just right. The camera angles and special effects just took it to a whole new level, just.... amazing!

My Opinions: My opinion on this movie is that it's probebly the best movie I'veever seen! and it should DEFINETLY have a part two added to it.

In conclusion..

In conclusion I recommend this movie to people ages 10 years and over because it has a strong massage and it is presented in the most entertaining way possible.


Some members of the Cast: