Mission & Goals

Laura Meyer - December 11, 2015 - $85,161

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission for 2015-2016 is to utilize and develop my knowledge, skill sets, and abilities as a servant leader throughout all facets of my life (faith, family, friends, community, and work) through reflection, interaction with others, and continuous learning.

Professional Goals

Goal: I will work collaboratively with district and school colleagues, parents, students, and community stakeholders in order to prepare, create and establish a state-of-the-art learning environment which welcomes and cultivates a sense of community pride and educational excellence as well as promotes a mantra that all learners will achieve and be successful.

Goal: I will find effective ways in which to "sharpen my saw" by eating right, self-reflecting, and exercising.

Weekly Summary Report

Highlights for the week:

*Visited Mount Holly Elementary School (Rock Hill) with a group from BSES to see the utilization of CANVAS in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. (See below) My "take away" - all team members on board and working together for the good of the group and for kids!

*Met with Kim (and Brantley) to review surveys and begin working on personnel placements at BSES, HES, and SCE for next year. (FYI...all 3 boards are in Kim's office behind her door, if you would like to see them at any time throughout the process).

*Elementary Principals data meeting with Kim - Kim and Tammy shared the information gained from MGSD on a recent visit to see their data conferences. As a group, we really liked the transparency, consistency, and accountability of the data...even more impressive was the empowerment given to the lead teachers in the accountability and collaborative areas.

*ISS and OSS appeal decisions reviewed, discussed, and communicated.

*I met with Nicole Brown out at the school site to discuss some information related to school safety in and around the school (arrival, dismissal, sidewalks, gateways to/from neighboring subdivisions, etc.) Following the meeting, Gerald and Trevin drove me out to the school for a few pictures...loved seeing some beautiful green grass already!! And the stone work looks wonderful, too! (See below)

*The VS representative from Charlotte brought us 5 VS chairs (various sizes), so while at Hendrix on Thursday I had students help me with sizing for each grade level during lunch time. I will do the same on Monday when I go to BSES. This will help us determine the number of each size we will need to order; which will then help us with the ordering of the coordinating VS tables and student desks.

*I enjoyed some social time with HES at Barnes & Noble and Chick-fil-A Spirit Night on Thursday evening. The Dance Club performed at B&N and did a really nice job! (See below)

Next week I intend to work on:

  • Attendance Zone Parent Letter (draft)
  • Personnel Placement Letter (draft)
  • Personnel Placement Reveal (format)
  • Jenny & Kim - FF&E Meeting