NBFT Local 871 - June 2018 - Volume 71, Issue 4

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President's Message

Thank you all for your support this year and enjoy your summer break! I am here for you and available by phone and e-mail all summer. -Sal

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NBFT Local 871 Holds Annual Retirement Party

On May 17, 2018 NBFT Local 871 held its annual Retirement Party honoring both district retirees and NBFT scholarship winners. Current and retired members mingled and celebrated with this year's group of exceptional retirees at the Back Nine Tavern at Stanley Golf Course. Touching speeches were made on behalf the retirees with plenty of laughs mixed in too. A good time was had by all and to all retirees and scholars celebrated, NBFT Local 871 wishes you all the best!

NBFT Scholarship Winners

Pictures of Retirees In Attendance and Guests at the Party

The NBFT and the NBFP Partner Again to Put on Workshop

The workshop entitled: Sexual Harassment, Proper Student-Teacher Interaction, New Law SB453 Classroom Safety and Disruptive Behavior; presented by Attorney Eric Chester was well recieved by members of both Unions who attended. The information was timely, necessary and relevant for our changing educational landscape. There will be more Co-Union workshops to come!


Compiled by Jennifer Meister


The Union extends its condolences to the following staff members:

Dan Broderick (HALS) on the passing of his mother; Carally McKeever-Deleon (Districtwide Music) on the passing of her mother; to the family and friends of Doreen Pittenger (Retired from the Alternative Center) on her passing; Marlene Calandra (Smith) and Melissa Simard (NBHS) on the passing of their mother; Andrea Russo (NBHS) on the passing of her mother; Kit Moya (Diloreto) on the passing of his mother-in-law and his brother; Maria Donnelly (Diloreto) on the passing of her father-in-law; Marc Wesoly (NBHS) on the passing of his grandfather and Debra Rich (NBHS) on the passing of her mother.


The Union extends congratulations to the following members:

Emily Dinsmore (Holmes) on her marriage; Joanna Caneshi (Diloreto) on her marriage; Brittany Bonanno (Northend) on her impending marriage this summer; Heather Hines (Northend) on her impending marriage this summer; Teresa Monfredo (Chamberlain) on her impending marriage this summer; Lauren Marciniak (Chamberlain) on her impending marriage this summer; Debra Rich (NBHS) impending marriage this summer and John Church (NBHS) impending marriage this summer.


The Union extends congratulations to the following member:

Sean Martin (Homes) on the birth of his son; Kathryn Mena (Northend) on the birth of her son; Melissa Flaherty (Northend) expecting this summer; Jeff Marino (SCA) on the birth of his son; Nicole Dery (Diloreto) on the birth of her son and Marc Wesoly (NBHS) on the birth of his daughter.

Well Wishes

The Union extends well wishes to the following staff members:

Jennifer Zangrandi (Smith) on her recovery from surgery; Mike Titor (NBHS) on his continued recovery and Deirdre Falla (Diloreto) as she fights cancer.

Please forward any welfare news to Jennifer Meister at

Retiree Corner

Compiled by Joan Cromwell

To our newest retirees: Congratulations! You will be receiving a letter in September asking if you would like to join the NBFT Retirees group. There is a small fee so you can receive all the Spotlights and retiree specific information throughout the year. There will also be an invitation to our Fall luncheon. We get together traditionally in the fall, during the Christmas season and in the spring. We hope you will consider joining us! Believe me, you won't feel retired until August comes and you don't have to attend convocation, any professional development or set up a classroom. Enjoy your summer and hopefully we will see you at our first get-together in the fall.

For our current retirees: For those who did not attend our first ever cook-out at Tunxis Plantation Country Club, you missed a good time and we missed you. What a wonderful venue for a cook-out. The food was great and it was a very relaxed setting. If we do it again, please consider attending. Once again, thanks for your participation and support over the past year and we are hoping you will sign up again in September to be a part of your very special group. Have a great summer!

Retirees please forward any information you would like added to Joan Cromwell at the NBFT Headquarters (See below for contact information).

Dear Fed

Dear Fed,

This has been the worst year I have ever had in my educational career. From increasing demands at all levels, a complete and total lack of respect from my students (and others to remain nameless....) to the mental anguish I face everyday as I reluctantly shut the car off, breathe deep and bravely walk into the building. I know summer is upon us but I just cannot seem to recharge my batteries enough to make it through every year! What can I do?


Dear Enough!!!!,

Boy do I hear you! Fed feels the same way at the end of a long and arduous school year. A lot of kitschy platitudes could be used to respond to you but Fed will somewhat refrain. The only answer to what can I do? lies within you. Only you know what can make you feel fulfilled and ready to take on a new school year. Fed would like you to remember that your Union is here for you! No matter how many times you are transferred, reassigned, made to move your classroom, adopt another set of must-do acronyms, dole out yet another standardized test, attend another faculty/data/professional development /department meeting, downsized, upsized, redistricted, redesigned; we are in this together and we'll be there for you! Try your best to have a restful summer and we will see you in August.....or not!! It's up to you!



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Please Report Name Changes!

If you have been hired at any point in the school year or have had a recent name change, you are asked to contact CSDNB Human Resources and NBFT Recording Secretary, Basia Maselek at so that the Union rolls are correct. This is important information that must be shared with AFT National to correctly calculate local, state and national dues. Thank you!

It's your Spotlight

If you have any suggestions, additions, or features you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to e-mail the Spotlight Editor, Sara Natrillo at

Union Directory


Sal Escobales

V,P, High School

Sue Humanick

V.P. Middle School

Charles Carey

V.P’s Elementary Schools

Jackie Escales and Stephen Gray

Recording Secretary

Basia Maselek

Executive Secretary

Dan Blanchard


William Sanford

Spotlight Editor

Sara Natrillo