The Madagascar lowland jungles

Devereux Evans and Kyle Perras


The tropical rainforest is an ecosystem type which develops between latitudes 28 north or south of the equator. This is due to the warmer climate of the equator, where the sun hits the surface of the earth most directly. The increased sun light leads to an average temperature of 24 degrees celsius as well as 50-260 inches of rainfall annually (hence "rain"forest).

Themes applied to a rainforest


Tropical Rainforests are located withing 28 degrees north or south of the earths equator. Primarily located in Central America and northern South America as well as northern Africa and Southern Asia.


Rainforests tend to be very warm. averaging 24 degrees celsius a year, as well as very damp due to the fact that they receive 50-260 inches of rainfall a year. Tropical Rainforests include a large variety of plants as well as species of animals, all of which produce its very diverse ecosystem. There are more different kinds of trees that live in the rainforest than anywhere else on the earth, also 70% of the ecosystem is made up of plants and trees.

Human/Environment Interaction

The Tropical Rainforests are being targeted for oil resources, which causes it to be a scene of drilling. Another interaction that threatens the ecosystem of the rainforest is the desire for the exotic woods of the various trees that exist in it. This desire leads to endangered species of both plants and animals. The reason why deforestation is so rampant is because of the abundance of trees of various species.


The rainforests due to their thick vegetation lack many roads and complex transportation systems. However arguable the most valuable resource is massively abundant in the forests. The rainforests may only cover 6% of the earth's surface but account for 40% of the oxygen produced through photosynthesis.


All rainforests will be located along the 56 degree belt along the earths equator, these regions are generally warm, and have high rainfall amounts per year. These regions are also classified by their excessive vegetation and variety of species.