Sofia Khan

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton had everything going for her; she was an amazing surfer but then one day it was all flipped. While she was surfing one night her life changed. She got her arm bitten by a shark and it was amputated. She was told that she wouldn’t be able to surf anymore. Her family kept telling her that her career was over and that she should just give up. She just kept persevering and didn’t let her family and her other perpetrators get her down. Since then, she actually became more popular and she was known all around the country. As her popularity grew she actually became an inspiration to others. Another difference is that she has become stronger and is actually more self confident than before. Compared to before she also has become more of an inspiration opposed to competition. This shows that even though you may feel that something has ruined your life it also can turn to become something better and more beneficial for the career or task at hand.
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Demi Lovato

A number of events led up to Demi Lovato’s hospitalization and recovery. For starters she struggled with depression, substance abuse, eating disorder and bipolar disorder for a number of years in her life. That all led up to her self harming addiction. As the self harm continued, she began to fall deeper and deeper into that dark hole. Then one day when she was getting her picture taken for a magazine her self harm was visible on her arm. Next all the producers and her management went on high alert. Following that situation she ended in a rehabilitation center where she continued to get therapy and help for her mental illnesses. Finally when she was released she worked hard to recover fully and continue to work through her problems. This shows that although you may struggle with any situation you can work through it and you should never give up because you never know who you could inspire. You could be someone’s reason for existence so don’t ever think you’re worthless because you may think you’re a nobody to everybody but in reality you could be a nobody’s everybody.
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Stephen Hawking

Day after day people die from euthanization. Stephen Hawking on the other hand didn’t let the doctors give up on him that fast. He was given the option that he could die so that he wouldn’t have to suffer later. The main difficulty was that he would soon suffer from being paralyzed and not being able to communicate properly but he knew that euthanization was not the solution. The dilemma being the fact that he wouldn’t be as social and wasn’t able to discuss his passion. He looked for other solutions; he came across a machine that would be able to communicate for his in order to continue fighting his battle and pursuing his scientifical dreams. This shows that others may tell you that you can’t do it anymore and that it’s okay to let go but if in your heart you feel just a little bit of strength or hope hold on to it. Keep your head held high and just tackle life’s battles one step at a time.

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Malala Yousafzai

Millions have been injured and hurt in the war in Afghanistan with the Taliban. One of those many who was injured was a Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai. She was shot in the face by the Taliban and had slim chances of survival. Luckily she did survive and this problem didn’t have a completely negative effect on her. She became stronger and she also found her passion in life. She wanted to give others with many of the same difficulties that she had gone through. The cause was due to a hate crime but nobody ever thought that something so terrible could have such a positive effect on a young girl. This proves that although things may feel all bad that in all bad there is just a little good but you just have to consistently look for the positive and you just have to keep fighting no matter what because things happen that are out of your control but the effect it has on you is in your control.

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Helen Keller

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf. Her life consisted of a number of struggles and battles. For example she couldn’t talk because she never had heard words before. Her parents were told that they may never be able to speak or even communicate to their daughter. Although she showed resilience. For example her parents got her a speech therapist who taught her how to speak through sign language with a long process. This explains that although sometimes you feel like you can’t do it anymore and that you’re struggling and you just can’t find a way to get over that battle don’t give up because there be something out there that can help you. Never stop looking for a solution.
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