December 14 Weekly Update

Grade 5 - Mrs. Morrow's Class

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

Monday, December 14 -

  • Explorer Project Check In - Explorer Fact Sheet/Notes are due

Wednesday, December 16

  • Explorer Research BEFORE School 7:50 - 8:20

**Please note the change from after school to before school. I have an appointment after school.

Thursday, December 17

  • Explorer Research After School 3 - 4

Friday, December 18 -

  • Report Cards go Home

Monday, December 21 -

  • Math Test - Chapter 3

Tuesday, December 22-

  • Explorer Treasure Chest Project is due
  • Spelling Test on Lesson 7 words
  • Feel free to stop in after school to view TREASURE CHESTS in our classroom!

Wednesday, December 23

  • 12:30 Dismissal - PAJAMA/MOVIE DAY
  • We will have a breakfast for our Winter Celebration.
  • Students may bring in a light snack for the movie.
  • Feel free to stop in before (8:00) or during our breakfast (9:00) to view TREASURE CHESTS in our classroom!


(If you would like your child to leave their iPad at school over break, let me know. I'd be happy to lock them up somewhere safe at school for you


We have started a unit that focuses on persuasive writing. To add a twist and to keep things interesting, we are using persuasive techniques in a fun and unusual manner. The ideas come from a book called - Why We Must Run with Scissors! by Barry Lane.

Fifth graders have a great sense of humor and love to be a bit sarcastic. Therefore many of our persuasive essays are NOT true, but play upon silly and fun persuasive ideas. You may see some unusual titles coming home as writing samples. Please realize they are all in good fun. We DO NOT believe them to be true. Your child worked on a TOP TEN LIST and also tried to convince others why their DUMB or RIDICULOUS LAW was needed. We are also going to write about why a PIGEON should not drive a bus from the book, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Our unit will culminate with our IMPOSSIBLE JOBS essays. Two years ago, I applied for the job of Eagles Cheerleader and last year, I thought a NASCAR driver would be a perfect occupation. As you can see, impossible jobs for me! Your child will be choosing an equally impossible job and use persuasive techniques and strategies to convince others that he or she is perfect for that job! We will then use our iPads to create pictures depicting each person in that job.

Beware! These silly, goofy writing assignments will be posted in Seesaw soon!