Nesu Card

Reducing harmful radiation of your phone!

About Nesu

NESU is made from raw materials that have not previously been chemically treated (copper 0.2 mm, titanium 1 g/m2, quartz 1 g/m2). The ingredients are non-toxic and are well tolerated by the human body which usage have even been tested in medical technology. NESU is created using a vacuum process, and is then put under an energy program under an exact frequency. NESU works by turning the negative impact of a mobile device on the human energy field into a positive one. NESU is designed for use in any existing mobile device. With dimensions of 25 mm x 10 mm, and a thickness of 0.2 mm, NESU is placed inside the casing of any mobile device, or fastened onto the back of the mobile device if the battery cover is not removeable.

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