Long-Awaited Return to Action

Lucas Waage returns to the soccer field after grim injury

A Greater Meaning

Soccer, like the older brother I never had, kept me on course and out of trouble. The sport gave me two important things-direction and a path to follow. As you know, I played soccer for hours on end, day after day, year after year. From an early age I was in almost every sport; however, you let it be my choice to do so. Soccer became my sport, my escape. I never truly grasped what soccer meant to me. It was just a part of my daily routine for nearly 10 years, until the day I felt my ankle shatter into a million tiny pieces.

This incident pushed the reset button on my life. It took a single event in my life to change my perspective on soccer, and also my outlook on certain aspects of life. All of the long hours of practice melted away. My entire life I had been so consumed with being the best I could , focused on winning and losing. I may have lost soccer. but I gained a new perspective.

Soccer taught me something over the course of my life. It taught me that I was not living with meaning in what I was doing. I had an amazing thing in my life, soccer. My life has been forever altered to find what I love, and to discover and reflect on what it means to me as much as I can. I hope that everyone who reads this will begin to live with meaning in what they love.

Come Watch Him Play!

Lucas has completed nearly three months of rehab in preparation of this day. It has been over 8 months since he has stepped onto the field. However, the day has come. The Waukee boys varsity team is playing Ankeny Centennial this Friday night, and Lucas is cleared to play. The whole team could use your support!