"All Me"

Drizzy Drake

All Me (Clean Version) - Drake - feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean


One of the most hyped and young rappers to keep an eye on this year is Drake who has recently drop his new album Nothing Was The Same, which has been on top of the charts all year. For anyone interested in rap genre of music,his top-charting single “All Me” exhibits a unique swagger and style of music has a hype, fast beat to it. From all the mainstream rappers in the game today Drake stands out not only with his versatility but his way to connect with fame and fashion through his lyrics.


Drake’s full name is Aubrey Drake Graham; he is better known as “Drizzy Drake”. Drake is Canadian rapper who draws his music from previous events in his life with money, fame, and women. He did not start his career as a rapper but as a cast member in the Degrassi. Then, he became an underground rapper who was discovered and brought up by Lil Wayne. Take Care is the second studio album by recording artist Drake, followed by his first album Thank Me Later. Although this song All Me has a upbeat, its collaboration with 2 Chainz and Big Sean make this song show listeners a diversity in rapping styles.

Song review:

All Me” addresses Drakes accomplishments and his struggle of becoming who he is. Drake’s unique lyrics and upbeat makes his topic clearly. Drake spits out his triumph in his following lyrics: ”Came up, that's all me/Stay true, that's all me/No help, that's all me”. In his attempt to make his point to his listeners, he clearly states his success in a genuine way.


Not only does this song have a catchy beat it also gives you a new perspective on the up and coming rapper Drake. Drake has been criticized to his use of singing in his music.Yet his versatility makes his music stand out. Drake has commonly been compared to J. Cole due to the fact they are both young and killing the game with their genuine verses.

overall Rate:

“All Me” deserves a five star rating. It is a must hear track of all time due its controversial side of Drake and his fame.Compared to any past and present rappers Drake is a true Rap King who started from the bottom.


OvO Crew

Manuel Limon