identity theft

by karsyn thomas

protect your wallet or purse

the best purse to have is a zipped or closed shut.keep purses close to your body. Don't leave your wallet or purse in your car and don't leave them in a obvious place.

photocopy the things in your wallet

make copies of credit cards, id cards, and other personal documents you keep in your wallet. also keep records of phone numbers to contact in case you need to close accounts.

examine your bank account statement monthly

by doing this you will know if there has been any unauthorized changes. if there are contact your banking institution immediately.

don't reveal personal information

don't feel pressured to answer personal questions if you don't trust the source. feel free to request verifying information before giving up anything .

cancel credit cards that you aren't using

there's no reason to have open credit for taking. besides less credit you have open you have less to monitor.