everything about me

A little bit about me

Some things about me are I have a sister mom and dad and two cats and a dog. Also i live in Marshall by the Maunesha river. Also I like sports. I like to eat food.

I live by the Maunesha river so in the winter I like to go on the ice and ice skate and have my friends pull me on a sled with their ATV. Also I travel during the summer because my sister plays softball all across the country.
I like to bike and run during the summer. I will sometimes run my dog out to Langer Park and play fetch. Also at Langer I will go fishing out there. Also bike on the trails or play disk golf.
My sister and I throw movie nights at our house and watching stupid but funny movies like Rubber.Also we do stupid stuff like the saltine challenge and that. Then we hang and play basketball.

My favorite team is North Carolina Tar heels. I hope to go to college there.
That's all you need to know about me.