Ms. Selle's Class News

Hi Parents!

Great Start!

We are off to a GREAT start! Your children continue to impress me with their incredible ability to think outside the box and their persistence! Each day, the related art teachers compliment us on what a fabulous group we have! Our number one class rule is to "treat others the way you want to be treated". I truly believe it pays off in their actions!

In Science we are learning all about the scientific method. We are conducting lots of experiments in order to create hypothesis and test our questions. I must apologize if your kitchen has turned into a science lab! It just means they are excited to be learning and sharing with you!

We have stepped back in time in Social Studies and entered the Reconstruction Era. We are embarking upon exciting times in history. I hope that your child shares our stories with you. I like to teach Social Studies through music, so if your child comes home singing, "I've Been Working on the Railroad" know it really was a part of our learning adventures!

Math has led us into the world of decimals and fractions. These first weeks in Math are tough. Hang in there with me and we will all get through it - PROMISE! I do not give much homework. When children are frustrated at school, there is no need to send them to you to continue that frustration. That is what I am here for. I want your time with them to be spent making memories!

Reading / Writing Workshop is all group group! Please trust me even if your child comes home with a book you feel may be too easy for them. My goal is to grow them as thinkers. To do this, I ask them to change points of view, and ask how characters are feeling etc. In order for this to be a success they need to be comfortable with the text. If I grow them as thinkers, they will naturally grow as readers!

Progress reports will hopefully come to you this weekend. I have an app that will allow me to email reports directly to you. I love this option, but it will be new for both of us. Please let me know how you like it! I will cut down on paperwork anywhere I can.

Also, please be considering the option of allowing your child to bring an electronic tablet to school. In the next few weeks, I would like to integrate the use of iPads/Kindles/iPods into our studies. If your child doesn't have one, no worries, it isn't necessity and I do have a couple for classroom use. I will let you know in advance when they would be needed, and I promise we will keep them locked away.

Date Overload!

Things in class are in FULL swing! I gave the students MANY, MANY dates today to put in their agenda, but I want you to have them for your calendar as well.

September 10 - MAP test, Math
September 12 - Late Start - School will begin 2 hours late at 9:30
September 13 - MAP test, Reading
September 14 - Fire Essay due (see today's communication folder for details)
September 17 - Rock Wall Climbing Field Trip to Winthrop West Center *
(permission slip due 9/12)
September 24 - MAP testing, Language Usage

October 10 - Late Start
October 17 - Kayaking*

*The cost for the field trips is $26 total. If this cost is an issue, please contact me. I do not want any child left behind because of monetary reasons! Also, if you would like to sponsor another student, do not feel like you must send the entire $26, each trip is $13.

Class Needs:

Please send in clear two-liter bottles! We need them for our ecosystem unit!

I would LOVE to have a family picture of you and your child for our family tree. I will return it to you!