"What To Expect"

By: Gabriela Goerler

Fetus Information for the first trimester

After conception happens the tiny fetus will have a yolk sack to help with nutrition. During the first trimester the baby is the size of a small kidney bean and the very crucial organs are developing. Once the heart develops it will beat twice as fast as the mothers heart goes. The blood vessels are forming (11 weeks), earlobes in the making (12 weeks), and the very small fetus is beginning to swallow (13 weeks).

Information for the Mother in the first trimester

About eight weeks after conception is when you will need to go to your first doctors visit. It is very important to take the pre-natal vitamins given to you by your chosen OB. Morning sickness and fatigue will be very normal in the first trimester along with bras becoming tighter.

Fetus information for the second trimester

The fetus is now about 3 1/2 inches and weighs about 1 1/2 once. The fully developed heart pumps close to 25 quarts of blood, the new little ears are beginning to be able to hear. As the now soft skeleton begins to harden the eyes and ears move into place. There is also now many functioning organs and nerves

Information for the mother in the second trimester

The baby bump is starting to show as your uterus has risen above your pelvic bone. Morning sickness and fatigue fades, but now nosebleeds,hair growth, urination, and breast enlargement is normal. You will also visit the doctor between the 18th and 20th weeks for an important ultrasound.

Fetus information for the third trimester

The baby now weighs 2 1/2 pounds at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and as the skin smooths out the fetus will gain baby fat. The fetus will start developing fingernails, toenails, and real hair. Also with the adding neurons to the brain there will be hiccups now and then.

Information for the mother in the third trimester

Your baby bump with continue to grow about a pound per week in the final trimester. Doctor/Midwife visits will now be every two weeks, but at 36 weeks they will become weekly. Also do not be alarmed when the physician does blood tests. Make sure to eat plenty of protein because about 250 milligrams of calcium are going to be deposited to help finish hardening your baby's skeleton and spine. As you get closer to your due date, count how many times the baby kicks a day and also gas, heartburn, and constipation is normal.

Fatherly Advice

Dads its okay to be just and nervous as your partners, just be there for the mother in any way you can. Changing diapers is a great way to do your fair share, if you don't know how to it is quite easy to pick it up fast. Having a new little person to look after and guide through every milestone can be scary, but just do your best and just be happy with both your partner and child.

All information and pictures found on babycenter.com

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Love your new little one with all your heart!