Sophie's Birth-Day Sleep-Over

May 6, 2016

Dear parents,

On Friday, my mom, Dawn Pruett, will pick all of us up as a car-rider. We will stop at my house to get changed if you need to, and drop off school things. Then, we will go to a Mexican restaurant called Los Tres Amigos. Once we are done we will go to the Hampton Inn for the sleepover. (We will be going to the pool so bring a swimming suit) In the morning we will leave and go eat breakfast, then go back to my house. We will be there until you need to pick them up. (We can keep them for as long as you want)

If you have any questions call: Dawn Pruett (615)-473-0328

Sophie Pruett-Ray (615)-906-6331

Friday, May 6th 2016 at 3pm

102 Fairway Drive

Nashville, TN

Bring clothes to change into if you want, swim-suit, sleep clothes, and an out-fit for the next day.

You can bring any thing you want to the party.

May 6:

3:00pm Pick-up from Rose Park

4:00pm Eat at Los Tres Amigos

5:00pm Go to the hotel

May 7:

9:00am Leave hotel

9:30am Eat breakfast

10:30am Go to my house (102 Fairway Dr.)