Ponder Future-Ready F2F3

Focus on Engagement - January 13, 2016

Shared Notes

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This is how coaching should go this semester:

a. Sign up for at least two sessions on our shared calendar (or I will assign you times.)

  • One time for me to visit your class and see your students' learning
  • One time for us to reflect about the visit and students' learning
  • If you want, you can also sign up a time before I visit your class for us to brainstorm.

b. Please let me know what you want to be working on (a goal or H.E.A.T.) when I come see you. We can talk about this face-to-face, e-mail, calendar appointment or by phone.

c. I visit your classroom. Unless we have met and planned otherwise, I will be there to watch and learn.

d. We reflect together. Remember, I am not coming as an evaluator, but as a mirror, helping you see how you are reaching your goal.
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Rethink, revise, renew!

Go to Google Classroom to review your goals from our previous session.

Using a digital tool, create, record, and submit your new goals!

What is your plan for communicating with families in Ponder ISD?

Parent Communication Toolbox (Edutopia)

Tell Your Story (Andy Adams, Region 7)
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Engagement Links

What does engagement look like? (padlet)

Levels of Engagement

SCORE - Success, Curiosity, Originality, Relations, and Energy

The Eight C's of Engagement - Competition, Challenge, Curiosity, Controversy, Choice, Creativity, Cooperation, and Connections

Student Engagement resources (edutopia)

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Digital Learning ESC Region 11


Challenging the tyranny of standardized instruction with radical and relevant learning experiences