Chipotle Gone Wrong

Shannon's Story

Empty and Wanting More

All Shannon wanted was her Chipotle burrito, and she was very unsatisfied with the results. After taking home her small burrito she ate it and was left still hungry. Shannon later that week returned to the restaurant to take a second chance at a burrito. Watching the Chipotle workers make her burrito, she noticed that it was smaller than the last one! Feeling very dissatisfied Shannon complained to the workers that her burrito was small and she was ignored. She asked to speak with a manager and after waiting very patiently for ten minutes the manager finally came out. He asked her what the problem was and she explained about her two incidents of receiving food that was less than the standard quality of food. The manager said that if she didn't like what they made her then order something else and then proceeded to walk away. Shannon, being angry at the manager, wrote a letter to the Consumer Relations Department who proceeded to write her back and tell her there was nothing they could do. Furious, she contacted the CEO of Chipotle and explained her terrible costumer service, and still one month later there was no response. Finally, fed up with Chipotle, Shannon filed a lawsuit and won. Receiving her money back, getting four free Chipotle burrito cards, and $200 for her troubles.