To get a job at Braum's

Hannah Lochtefeld

Phone- 817-845-1142


Address- 12817 Singleton Dr. Haslet, TX. 76052


I am looking for a job at Braum's. Seeking a position for scooping ice cream. I've scooped ice cream before so I have some experience, and I have excellent communication skills. I am a neat and tidy person so If I see a mess I will clean it up.


Eaton High school

Graduation year-2018

Concentration: scooping ice cream.

Work Experience-

I never had a job before but I have some experience, one time at my church I got to be in charge of scooping icecream into cups or cones. I can handle the job pretty well and it's actually really fun.


•Drill team



I am willing to take new challenges and work for long hours.

•good organization skills

•good at cleaning up and keeping things tidy

•good at scooping icecream

•excellent communication skills

• I am able to use Microsoft word so I can type and print out flyers for the restaurant or whatever that needs to be done.