Is The Steller Sea Lion Endangered?

Endangered Animals in Europe


  • mammal
  • long necks with rough hair
  • brown/tan
  • can control hind flippers so they can be on land
  • male- 700kg, 3.0m long
  • female- 300kg, 2.3m long
  • male life span- 30 years
  • female life span- 18 years
  • sometimes called- Eumetopias Jubatus
  • also known as- Northern Sea Lion
  • unusual characteristics- very social and always yell at each other

  • group name: in water- Raft; on land- colony
(Photo from Flickr by Shele B)

Food chain

The Steller Sea Lion is a carnivore. Mostly, they feed on seafood such as fish, squid octopus and seals smaller than them. Though they have some of these food sources, the Steller Sea Lion doesn't stand that high in the food chain. Killer whales are a main way of these sea lions getting extincted. These sea lions are mostly found in the Pacific Ocean.


  • location: northern California coast and Alaska coast across coasts of Russia and Japan
  • terrain: pacific ocean/coast land
  • climate: hot on beaches vs. cool in water
  • home: water-pacific ocean
  • home: coast-beaches and rocky coast line
(photo from Flickr by jeffgun)


These creatures have adapted to the water and land with the help of their flippers. They move around the water using their fore-flippers. Their hind flippers help them stay on the land because they can use them independently.


  • listed as threatened in USA
  • cause: killer whales
  • cause: diet-low energy fish can result in pregnancy rates decreasing
  • about 300 thousand in 1980 vs less than 100 thousand today
  • conservation actions: banning fishing around big rookeries and feeding areas
  • listed as threatened in Russia
  • rare in Japan since 1993
  • cause: nets
  • cause: disease
  • cause: they are being shot (now being reduced by federal law)
  • conservation actions: funding for research
  • conservation actions: protected in USA/Russia/Japan
(photo from Flickr by UNDP in Europe and Central Asia)
Gallery pictures: (left to right)
  1. (photo from Flickr by maholyoak)
  2. (photo from Flickr by Buzz Hoffman)
  3. (photo from Flickr by saebaryo)
NG=National Geographic
RLIST=Red List

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