PitchTalk Baseball

The baseball of the future. -Daylen Hampton, 3rd Period

Great Features of the PitchTalk Baseball:

MLB Endorsed

From the make of the StrikeGrid (the revolutionary Strike Zone hologram) comes the all new PitchTalk, automatic baseball.Our products are endorsed by MLB players like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Cole Hamels, Matt Harvey, Justin Verlander, and Stephen Strasburg You can assure that you're getting the most cutting edge, revolutionary baseball equipment around from us!

Our other revolutionary products include:

  • StrikeGrid strike zone hologram: Displays a holographic, projection of the strike zone depending on the size of the batter up to the plate so you'll never wonder if it was a strike or a ball ever again.
  • AdjustBat: Tells you adjustments you need to make to your swing to become a better hitter!
  • And many more!
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Mike Trout: Regular user of our Adjustbat

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Stephen Strasburg also highly recommends the PitchTalk Baseball