Principal's Meeting Update

January 2020

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Follow Up Surveys/Expenditure Reports

All follow up surveys have been successfully submitted! Thank you to all districts for submitting the follow up surveys in a timely fashion and making a smooth transition to fall surveys.

Expenditure Reports: OCTE introduced a new format for Expenditure Reports. All districts have submitted these reports. The reports have been returned to district for changes requested by the state. The new due date is January 30, 2020. Belinda Shaffer is working with business offices to make sure these are completed in time. Again, this is a new format so hug your business people!

Navigator Training for CTE Teachers

Thank you to NAJ, CF, WHS and JHS for allowing your CTE teachers to attend the Navigator training @ HACC. It was a successful day! Teachers were at varying stages of understanding Navigator and we were able to help them update their sites, start their CIP self reviews and fix login and password issues as well as troubleshoot topics.

HACC Updates

Sophomore Enrollments

We currently have 244 students pre-enrolled for next year. Sophomore enrollments are not at 124. We will begin placing students in programs this week to determine available spots and wait lists. As soon as we know, we will let you know.

Thank you again to districts to adjusting to the earlier Sophomore Visits. We hope that you found it as valuable as HACC did!

If you want any of the teachers or myself to visit your school to speak with students regarding programs, let us know.

If students missed the 1st visit, you can still send them for a visit, just let us know.

Phlebotomy: Year 2 Health Science: Updte

This is an option possibly. We are exploring other options besides JC for phlebotomy certification that does not require dual enrollment. We will keep you posted.

EMT instruction

We are beginning discussions with Reading EMU regarding a possible partnership that would allow students to gain EMT certification through the Health Science program. We are in the very early stages of the process and assessing if it is possible.

Education program

The Advisory Committee for Education General met January 21, 2020 to discuss what an Education program @ HACC would look like. Please see attached meeting minutes for more details. There was great discussion around credentials and outcomes.


  • We will apply for a new program by February 13, 2020
  • Viability of the program will depend on the March 10th millage vote
  • Applying for a new program does not mean we need to start the new program next school year. If we need additional time to plan, we can.

Thank you to the following people for attending the Advisory Meeting: Brianna Crall (Gier Elementary), Jennifer Goodwin (HISD), Amanda Janes (Jackson College), Ginny Kowolski (CTE Consultant), Troy Reehl (HISD) and Mindy Wilson (HISD).