Nitrogen Cycle

Nutrient Cycle: Nitrogen

Nitrogen: Where is it found?

Nitrogen is found in large bodies of water, soil, waste from organisms, and in dead/decaying organic matter.

Biological, Atmospheric, and Hydrologic flow of Nitrogen

Certain types of bacteria in soil and roots use nitrogen from the air and convert, which is nitrogen fixation. Another way nitrogen flows is from bacteria that convert fixed nitrogen into nitrates, which primary producers can use to make proteins and nucleic acids. Then Consumers eat the producers and reuse nitrogen to make their own nitrogen to make their own nitrogen-containing compounds. When the consumers die the decomposers release nitrogen from waste and dead organisms as ammonia and nitrates, producers may take the nitrates again. Soil bacteria get energy from converting nitrates into nitrogen gas, which is then released into the atmosphere, which is called denitrification.

Past, Present, and Future Life

The nitrogen cycle effects the past by taking nitrogen by making use of decomposing animals and animal waste. In the present the lack of nitrogen would make for less useful fertilizers and nitrogen in the atmosphere. The future uses nitrogen in the soil to make more fruitful plant life, which, in turn will make for healthier wildlife.