Science & Engineering Fair

2016 Sweetwater Union High School District

Congratulations to the 200+ SUHSD students from 12 District schools who participated in this year’s District Science Fair!

Sweepstakes Awards

Each year the top middle school and high school projects in the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences are awarded Sweepstakes prizes. This year’s high school Sweepstakes Award in the Physical Sciences goes to a team project from Bonita Vista High School—Aleksander Komatina and Ala Zeidan. The high school Life Sciences Sweepstakes goes to Leib Lipowsky—also from Bonita Vista High School. The middle school Physical Science Sweepstakes goes to Angelica Moreno from National City Middle School and the Life Sciences Sweepstakes goes to Joaquin Castillo, Jr., also from National City Middle School.

and the Winner is . . . . . . .

All high school students and 1st /2nd place middle school winners are eligible to be screened to participate in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair—the County Science Fair. They need to submit a 10 page Powerpoint pdf presentation to their science fair teacher no later than Thursday, February 11, who will send it to the District for screening.

High School Full List of Participants and Awards

Middle School Full List of Participants and Awards

Participating Schools

High Schools

Bonita Vista High School

Principal: Bettina Batista

Teacher: Michelle Mardahl

Entries: 30

Eastlake High School

Principal: Maria E. Lizarraga

Teacher: Cheryl Bayley

Entries: 7

Sweetwater High School

Principal: Maribel Gavin

Teacher: Sofia Sandoval

Entries: 10

Middle/Junior Schools

Bonita Vista Middle School

Principal: Eduardo Reyes

Teachers: Lia Abundes, Cindy Shimasaki, and Carla Cardenas

Entries: 18

Castle Park Middle School

Principal: Gina Galvez-Mallari

Teachers: Daniel Frank, Carla Dillan, and Christianna Dayawan

Entries: 15

Chula Vista Middle School

Principal: Julissa Gracias

Teachers: Gina Saclauso-Caro

Entries: 5

Eastlake Middle School

Principal: Juan Ulloa

Teachers: Ricardo Martinez

Entries: 10

Montgomery Middle School

Principal: Louie Zumstein

Teachers: Carlos Valencia and Abra Pitters

Entries: 18

Mar Vista Academy

Principal: Thomas Winter

Teacher: Marielle Venturino

Entries: 15

National City Middle School

Principal: Arturo H. Montano

Teachers: May Lualhati and Ryan Smith

Entries: 38

Rancho Del Rey Middle School

Principal: Anna Pedroza

Teacher: Susan Tu

Entries: 13

Southwest Middle School

Principal: William Walsh

Teachers: Lisa Bertoson and Erin Barron

Entries: 7

THANK YOU!!! - - - THANK YOU!!! - - - THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to all science teachers that participated and motivated their students to participate. Science Rocks!

District Science Fair Organizer: Stephen Rodecker

Continuous district support: Luz Elena Perez, Roman Del Rosario, Steven Lizarraga

Transportation logistics: Ruben Vargas, Dennis Williams

District Science Fair Facilities (Otay Ranch High School): Jose Brosz, Dean Nafarrete

SUHSD Board Members

Nicholas Segura -President-, Paula Hall, Kevin J. Pike, Arturo Solis, Frank A. Tarantino Superintendent Dr. Karen Janney