Castle Town

Castle Town Information

Castle Town is located on Hyrule, an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was founded by Hylians in the area that make up the majority of the population of Hyrule.

Economy: Market

Government: Monarchy

Language: Hylian

Population: 20,000

Claim to Fame: Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town market

National Animal: Wolf

Trading Partners: Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, Zora's Domain

Traded goods: potions, weapons, armor

Membership in the UN?: No

Castle Town Flag

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Castle Town National Anthem

The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Title Theme Music

Laws of Castle Town

1. No entering or leaving town after sundown.

2. No drinking out of the fountain in the middle of town.

3. No swimming in the fountain in the middle of town.

4. All weapons must be sheathed while in public.

5. 10% sales tax on all purchases -- Sales tax must be factored into advertised price.

6. Castle visits must be approved by the king or queen.

7. Entering the town during times of war must be approved by the king or queen.

8. Those who break the law will be brought before the king and/or queen for judgment.

9. Those who break the law have the right to an attorney.

10. Repeated offenses may be punishable by exile if deemed necessary.

Current Events

1. The Hylian Civil War

2. Invasion of Castle Town

3.The Great Flooding of Lake Hylia