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December 7, 2018

A Note From Mrs. Donnell

Excitement is becoming the emotion of the hour here at CCS. Classroom doors are being decorated, treats, meals and parties are being planned. Programs are being practiced. Final Exams are being prepared and teams are practicing for the “big” games that are coming up. We are focused on the preparation but are our eyes only on the things we can see and hear?

Maybe we need to focus our hearts on the things we can’t see because they are “the most real things in the world.” Polar Express

The things we can’t see might look something like this: love, hope, devotion, commitment. These are things that we can feel and share but not necessarily touch. Do you believe in the reality of invisible attributes? Jesus is the one and only invisible attribute that can save us all when we fall if we just have faith. So as we continue to prayerfully prepare for all of our upcoming events and activities how can you answer this question: Is your faith in Jesus Christ today and all of His invisible attributes or just the things we can see and hear?


Mrs. Donnell

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Elementary Chapel / Middle School & High School Chapel

Speaker for both chapel services: Adam Smith, Director of Student Community at Community Church of Columbus

Topic: I am willing

Scripture: Mark 1:40-45, Leviticus 13:45-46

1. Where do you need healing in your life?

2. Never lose sight of the awesome wonder & majesty of God.

3. Experience God in your own life. We need to be walking with God side by side.

Columbus Christian School

Chapel MSHS 12 - 5-18 by Columbus Christian School
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CCS Annual Tradition For Elementary Students

Elementary students should have Luke 2:1-20 completely memorized by December 7th.

They will recite this during the Christmas program on December 20th.

Luke 2:1-20

Click here to access Luke 2:1-20

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Elementary Christmas Concert

Want to help your kids learn their lines or songs for the upcoming Christmas musical? Follow the link below to access the musical.
Christmas Program Wardrobe Assignments

Click here for details on what your child needs to wear to the musical.

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Affordable Christmas Store - December 14 & 17

The Senior Class of 2019 has been hard at work on their group senior project: Affordable Christmas Store. Students in grades K - 8 will have the opportunity to shop during the day for inexpensive items for their family. The shop will be located in the gym. For more information, contact the office.
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HOMECOMING Theme: Once Upon A Game

Homecoming Week is December 17-21. Students will have a spirit day with a different theme each day.

Monday - Dress up as your favorite Disney Character

Tuesday - Ugly Christmas Sweater/PJs

Wednesday - Cast day (dress up with your class as your movie)

Thursday - Color Rush (each class will be assigned a color and you are suppose to wear as much of that color as possible)

Friday - Christmas/Spirit/Comfy Clothes Day

See below for each class's Wednesday movie theme:

Kindergarten - 101 Dalmatians

1st - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

2nd - Frozen

3rd - Frozen

4th - Cinderella

5th - Alice in Wonderland

6th - Incredibles

7th - Peter Pan

8th - Lion King

9th - Aladdin

10th - Beauty and the Beast

11th - Toy Story

12th - Snow White

Each class will be responsible to decorate their classroom door/hallway area with their movie theme.

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Penny Wars

Fundraiser for Class of 2019 Senior trip.
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Christmas Carolers Needed for Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

Middle School and High School students are needed to sing carols at the Spirit Night fundraiser at Chick-fil-A on Thursday, December 13th from 6:30-7pm. Contact Josh if interested.

Carolers will be entered in a drawing to win free t-shirts and technology!

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PATIENCE Fearlessly

This month our MS/HS will be learning what it looks like to demonstrate PATIENCE fearlessly. Please join us in encouraging your student(s) when they demonstrate this "focus-fruit" at home!

We are excited to see how the Holy Spirit will transform the hearts and minds of these young fruit-bearers!

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Christmas Luncheon Sign Up

Thank you for donating your goodies for the annual Christmas luncheon. You are such a blessing to CCS! Click here to sign up: Teach & Staff Christmas Luncheon
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PTF has a private Facebook page Christian School PTF - Columbus, IN

Join the private PTF page to stay up to date on behind-the-scenes happenings at CCS.

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CCS Students sharing their God-given skills and talents!

Photo Credit: M. S., CCS student

It is such a blessing when CCS students use their God-given skills and talents and share them with others.

Light show by Kelden Wright, CCS student

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Get the CCS Athletic Schedule delivered right to your phone!

It's easy and it's FREE!

Get instructions here: How to sign up for Eventlink.


Please double check your time zone that is selected in your profile.

  1. Go to your calendar and hover your mouse over your name
  2. When the drop down box appears, click on “Manage Profile”
  3. Check the time zone box and make sure it is set on Eastern and not Central
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Athletic Parents - sign up for concessions and admissions

Concession Volunteers – An important function that helps fulfill the athletic programs financial need is the selling of concessions at all home athletic events. Parents will be asked to volunteer to work the concession booth for home athletic events on specifically assigned dates. Again, after rosters are set, a list will be published for parents to assist in this endeavor. All efforts will be made so that no parent works during his/her student’s game.

Parent Participation Requirement: Parents should sign up for to help 4 times per basketball season and 2 times during soccer and volleyball for set up, clean up, concession and/or admissions and 1 Track or Stadium date. For any parent that does not sign up they will be assigned times to work that are not during your students games. If you need to switch there will be a master list with contact information and you can switch with someone. If hours are not fulfilled by participating students there will be an additional $200.00 fee. Each event served is equivalent to $40.00. The binder is located in the office.

Rally's Hot Dogs

Are you enjoying the hot dogs at the CCS concessions? Thank you to Rally's for donating those yummy hot dogs!
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Mortgage Match

We are in the last month of our CCS Mortgage Match! CCS students raised $2600 on the cookie sale making the new total just over $56,000! What a great blessing!

Thanks to an anonymous donor, every financial gift given through December 31st, 2018 will be matched two times. So your gift of:
$1 = $3
$50 = $150
$500 = $1500
$1000 = $3000

Our goal is to pay off our existing building mortgage so we can begin prayerfully planning for the future. Please consider partnering with us in furthering "Education with a Higher Purpose"!

Remember, this special 2 for 1 match is only good through the month of December. Read the letter below to learn more about it and prayerfully consider if God wants you to help. Every dollar counts!

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Please check to see if the flatware pictured is in your home. Your student may have accidentally taken it home in their lunch box OR they are getting thrown away in the school trash...AAAHHH!!!

Please talk with your child about the importance of taking great care of school property. Used flatware is to be placed in the red tub which is full of water, located in the kitchen window.

The flatware is WALCO brand. You can find the imprint on the back of the flatware. Please return if you find any - the kitchen is running low.

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Love Chapel Food Drive

CCS is doing a canned food drive for the Love Chapel now through December 20th. Items may be dropped off in student's classroom.

Learn more about this great ministry at

How's the transition going?

We are so grateful that you chose CCS for your family and we care about your transition this school year. Here are a couple of articles from families that have transitioned from both the public school setting and homeschool setting to CCS. They have graciously shared their honest advice about their transition to CCS. Take a look and see if it will help you in your transition. If you have any questions, please know that you can email Mr. Wildey at or Mrs. Donnell at They would love to hear from you!

Reduce your school tuition for 2019-20

Learn how you can reduce your school tuition for 2019-20 by ordering gift cards through CCS.

If you do any of the following:

  • purchase gas, food, clothing
  • eat out
  • shop
  • purchase gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • go on Vacations
  • work on your car and purchase parts
  • purchase materials or tools for big home improvement projects

It's really simple. All you do is purchase gift cards (called SCRIP cards) through CCS. Order through the office by Tuesday mornings or order SCRIP online...anytime! Call Tammy Harvey, Financial Secretary at (812) 372-3780 to get the enrollment code for ordering online. Start saving on next years tuition today!

Click here to learn more about the program.

Do you have pictures to share?

CCS is looking for pictures of field trips, athletic games, extra curricular activities, etc. to put into the yearbook. Please send your pictures to
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Be the first to know when school is cancelled or delayed!

Get important information from your child's teacher and school with the free Remind app. It's easy to use. Follow the instructions here.
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School Documents & Forms

2018-19 Year Calendar, FAQ Sheet, Volunteer Background Check, Family Covenant, Internet & Electronic Device User Agreement, Student Handbook and more.

Important Dates

Winter Formal

Saturday, December 8

Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

Thursday, December 13 / 5-7PM

6th Grade Dinner & Show

Thursday, December 13 / 6PM

Christmas Store

Friday, December 14 & 17

Merry Muffins (Gift to Parents from CCS Teachers & Staff)

Tuesday, December 18

Teachers & Staff Christmas Luncheon

Tuesday, December 18

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Tuesday, December 18

Cookie Dough Delivery

Wednesday, December 19

Elementary Christmas Program

Thursday, December 20

Pre-School program: 5:30PM
Elementary program: 6:15PM

End of Nine Weeks

Friday, December 21

Pep Rally

Friday, December 21 / 2PM


Friday, December 21

Christmas Break

December 24 - January 2

2 HR Delay / Classes Resume

Thursday, January 3

Report Cards Go Home

Tuesday, January 8

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Check out the Parent Resources available on the CCS website

Check out more resources for parents at:

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Help your family keep Jesus at the heart of your holiday season.

This year's Focus on the Family Advent devotional calendar can help your family keep Jesus at the heart of your holiday season. Prepare for Christmas with 23 days of Scripture readings and devotions. And if there's time, do an optional activity with your children.

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