Parent Launchpad!

Miller Elementary - August 2021

Arrival and Dismissal

  • School start and ending times are 7:45am and 3:30pm
  • Doors open for Rockets at 7:45am, Rockets should NOT be dropped of before 7:45am (Staff is unavailable to supervise students before 7:45am)
  • Rockets arriving and leaving by car (car riders) MUST use the car rider line (unless arriving after 8:30am or leaving before 3:20pm)
  • Rockets arriving after 8:30 am MUST be signed in the office by an adult (please do not drop off elementary school students at the curb)
  • Early dismissal Rockets must be picked up by 3:20pm (after 3:20pm please use car rider line)
  • Please do not block traffic at the car rider entrance gate! All cars must enter the gate from the right (if you are facing the entrance)

Please review the system's school plan for the 2021-2022 school year!

Has your child's monster egg hatched yet?!

No?! Well make sure you and your child logs on to their Class Dojo today!

Class Dojo is our schoolwide form of communication for PBIS AND parent engagement!

It is a one-stop shop for knowing what's going on in your child's classroom, communicating with the teacher, and following your child's behavior, plus so much more!

Each child has their own Dojo account and they need you to connect to connect as well!

We want 100% of our parents connected!! Help our monsters hatch TODAY!!

Click on the Class Dojo icon to get connected!

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Click on the icon above for valuable information about PBIS!

Family Engagement Corner - Did You Know?

Children who regularly eat meals with their families tend to do better in school and avoid risky behavior. Eating dinner together is great, but other meals count too. If you work at night, maybe your could make time for a family breakfast! Or on a weekend, try a picnic lunch!

And be sure to regularly check our Title I Family Engagement page on the school's website for more resources!