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Keep Your Solar Panels Clean And Efficient!

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First, you should understand that the performance of the solar power system is decided based on its operational function. So every solar panel must need regular cleaning and maintenance to retail its operation as it is. We know that solar panels work by allowing the natural light from the sun to enter its solar cells. Then it hits the panel to generate more energy for your needs.

Once you decided to clean your solar panels, this process requires expertise depending on the output power that you are bringing a professional service. In this segment, we are going to attain some useful information regarding Solar Panel Cleaning, and things to know about its services work.

Ways to clean solar panels

If you install a solar power system in your home, then you must focus on cleaning the solar panels on a regular basis to ensure that the equipment keeps operating and delivers eco-friendly energy to your house. If your solar panel is not maintained properly, then it may impact a huge decrease in the output generated by solar panels.

  • Firstly, check or discuss with your solar panel manufacture before step into the cleaning process. They might have some specific recommendations for solar panel cleaning services.

  • Panels become hotter in the sunshine, so do the cleaning either in the morning or pick a relatively cool day.

  • You must clean the surface of the solar panel with a soft cloth and sponge. Do not clean the wiring underneath.

Don’t neglect solar panel cleaning

If you ignore the solar panel cleaning, then get ready to face the consequences. Assume that solar panel can lose 15-25% of its efficiency if not appropriately cleaned that means solar power system generates less electricity to your commercial building. The best season to clean solar panels is spring because that time has less pollution.

Tips for finding the right solar panel cleaning company

If you clean your solar power system by yourself, you may face the risk of walking around your roof and accidentally voiding the warranty as you try to clean the array. Your solar panel recently experienced strong winds, and then it’s time to hire a professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services company. Here are a few points to help you find the right company and service for you.

  • The first thing you have to do is contact your solar panel manufacturer. Panels may require particular materials for cleaning, and the system needs to be shut off before cleaning.

  • Do some research with local businesses that offer commercial cleaning services for solar panels. See past customers’ reviews and ratings to find a recommendation.

  • View the Better Business Bureau rating for the company you are looking for. A reputed company’s website may provide its BBB rating for you or search for that particular company on the BBB website.

  • Make a comparison with different companies to see how Solar Panel Cleaning differs. Not all companies offer the same cleaning process; some may vary in their solutions they use and how they clean panels. Ensure that they provide any other service like general maintenance checks.

  • You can also request a consultation from the company to look at your panels in person first so that they can give you an accurate estimation based on the size of your system and its location.

  • Ask a company for referrals so you can chat with past customers about their experience and service they provided. It is one of the best ways to pick a great company from plenty of options.

Most homeowners utilize solar power system for their building needs. For retaining its performance, you have to clean solar panels in order to protect and maintain your investment.

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