By:Suggey De La Vara

1. Jackie Robinson died and when he was born

Jackie Robinson was born January 31 1919, he died in October 24 ,1972 at 7:10 am in his own house .

2. Jackie robinson famous for

Jackie Robinson was famous of baseball and basketball also football.

3.JACKIE Robinson childhood

JACKIE R. was a baseball player he liked school that he even passed college.

4.Jackie Robinson adulthood

His adulthood is he haves someone if he needs help he haves somewhere to live and live his life where he wants or where his wife and he liked to live his dream was to be a basketball,baseball,football.

5.Jackie Robinson lesson

Jackie Robinson said to never give up and fallow your dreams also don't lesson to some one ells but do lesson to some ones advice .

6. Life Lesson

I learned that Jackie was the first African American to play baseball to join in the team.

7.Five words to describe Jackie Robinson


8. Five Fast Facts

I learned that Jackie liked to play baseball basketball and football he is nice to people who lived or work with him

9. Most Important Facts

You should know about Jackie Robinson because he is nice to and smart to pass college and finish school .
The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)