Bullying/Cyber Bullying

By Destiny Dils and Brylee Proctor

Up Stander

What's an up stander? If you said someone who witnesses bullying and does absolutely nothing about it, you are wrong. An up stander is someone who does something about it.
Who says something about it. Who doesn't let it keep happening.

By stander

Someone who is a bystander is someone who witnesses bullying and doesn't do anything about it. If you witness bullying you need to tell someone! I t doesn't matter if their your friends or not and you want to stick up for them, TELL SOMEONE! DON'T BE A BYSTANDER! BE AN UPSTANDER!


A bully is someone who treats someone like their a monster. Calls them mean names and hits them. It could be physically or cyber. Whenever someone says something to you uncalled for... tell someone!


Brylee says:

"Yes I Would save a life and be an up stander. I don't bully because people get depressed and might commit suicide and I think everyone lives for a reason. It's just wrong!"

What a Bully has to say...

"Yes I bully nerds and geeks because they are smarter than me. I don't mean to hurt them. Bullying makes me feel good about myself because it shows me I am not weak. I am nice I just can't help bullying people that are different."

What a Victim has to say...

"Yes I have been bullied, but who cares. I have tried to commit suicide. God gave me another chance. Everything is hard on me because I get bullied, threatened, harmed. No one cares about me, so why am I still here."


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Alysha says,
"Yes I have witnessed bullying her name was Destiny Dils."
What did you do about it Miss. Hensley?
" Nothing in the process because I was afraid to get hurt."
Wouldn't you rather save a life though?
"Yes because I would feel bad if they got hurt. Mostly because I was there and I could've did something about it.
Thank you for participating in this interview.

Tevin says:
"Yes and her name was Christina Holly."
What did you do about it?
"I told the bullies to stop because it was disrespectful."
Are you happy you could've saved a life.
"Yes because no one should die because they are different."
Thank you for participating in this interview.

Brylee says:
"Yes and her name is Tevin Easterday."
What did you do about it?
"I told them to stop and asked them how would they like it if I was to bully them."
Are you happy you could've saved a life.
"Yes because everyone should be able to be themselves."
Thank you for participating in this interview.

What are you? Upstander, Bystander, Victim, or Bully

Destiny Dils: Up Stander, Victim...

Brylee Proctor: Up Stander, Victim...

Tevin Easterday: Up stander, Victim...

Alysha Hensley: By stander...