Constitution Era

By: Lindsey Brim

Shays Rebellion

James brown was governor of Massachusetts, He put together military force to confront the Rebels. Daniel Shays was leader of the Rebels of Shays Rebellion; the uprising began in the summer of 1786. Last Battle of Shays Rebellion was on February. 27. 1787.

Daniel Shays

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Whiskey Rebellion

Secretary Hamilton was the one who decided to tax goods such as whiskey. David bradford was one of the main leaders in the Whiskey Rebellion; by being a lawyer he was very popular. In July 1794, the first attack by the rebels, they destroyed a tax payers home.
The Whiskey Rebellion

1st Chartering of Bank of the US

A bank was very needed because after the revolutionary war, America was in debt and needed a way out, a plan. Alexander Hamilton helped make the bank. He help with getting America out of debt. The first bank's charter drafted in 1791 by congress and signed by George Washington.