My Summer Plans

By Jalyn Johnston

Washington DC

The first week of summer, our eighth graders will be going to DC. We will see many different things. It will be so much fun and I can't wait to go! We had a couple of set backs but we are all set now and will be having fun in DC in two weeks!


I really like swimming and my grandma has her own underground pool in her back yard. I hope to have people over to swim and hang out there, also. It's really fun there because it's a farm and she has horses, and lots of property!


Last year my family bought a camper so we will be going camping and boating all of the time! We also have a boat and we can hook it up to the back of the camper and go! I'm really excited because I love camping and tubing also!


I have to babysit my sister for free most of the time because both of my parents work in the summer. My moms' schools does year round and my step-dad is a police officer. I also will watch other kids for money on the weekends and such too!


This summer I will not be participating in any volleyball or dance camps. I will be training to be a student athletic trainer, and will be practicing for Northwest Color Guard. I'm really excited because my mom was in color guard and she has been helping me and I really like it! As for athletic training, it should e educational as well as help me make friends!


I will be participating in 4-H events this summer, also. I'm shooting 22, BB gun and shotgun. I probably will do photography also! I hope to do well in my shooting events because I got Senior Grand Champion Overall last year for BB gun, and I am faithful that I will do well in 22. I have been doing trap for two years also, and that is just for fun!