Eric walters



Eric Walters first started writing for his fifth grade class in Toronto at vista heights public school. Ever since Eric's first book he has fallen in love with writing and especially loves to write books for children and young adults. Other than being a great author Eric is cofounder of the creation of hope foundation and is now living in Mississauga with his lovely wife and three kids!


1. Red maple award given to him for his book safe as houses. (2015)

2. The Christopher (2015)

3. The Order of Canada (2015)

4. Children's Africana Book Award 2013 given to him for his book name is blessing .


Eric is a hard working writer who loves to pour his passion into all his projects. Other than all the great books he has accomplished Eric has several foundations such as the Terry fox fundraiser ,Free the children and his very own project the creation of hope. Eric loves to challenge, Inspire, learn and teach as much as he can , He is a committed author and there are too many ways to explain why he is so inspirational to us all and great at his job!


1. Eric Walters fun raise the creation of hope to help Kenya. Also Eric Walter and his son travel to Kenya in 2007 to help fun raise.

2. He first was a teacher in 1993 before he was an author. He stared writing his first book for his grade 5 class because some students didn't like reading the first book was stand your ground.

3. He has made over 80 books!

4. He is born on March 3 1957 in Toronto

5. Eric Walters has presented to more then 1,500,000 students across North America and internationally in Japan and Germany.