Things that led to the civil war

5 reasons.

fugitive slave act

the fugitive slave act was an act of congress saying that any free/runaway slave had to be returned to there owner. This made north upset because they slaves had already been free and it wasn't right. The split between the two sides deepened with this act and the arguments increased.

Lincoln becoming president.

Lincoln becoming president upset the south. He did not support slavery and the south thought he was going to take away there rights. As a result the south seceded from the union and became there own territory.

uncle toms cabin

Uncles Toms Cabin was written Harriet Beecher Stowe and showed the wrongs of slavery. This upset the south because it was showing the wrongs and they claimed it untrue. This also upset the north because they could see what is wrong with slavery. The split deepened and they kept on arguing showing the two sides in there true colors.

Dred Scott case

This was a lawsuit trying to keep a slave from going back to slavery after his owner died and they moved to Wisconsin in the past. It upset the south because they let the case get to the supreme court. It upset the north because the slave had lost the case and had go back into the wrongs of slavery. Once again the sides separated further from each other slowly getting closer and closer to the civil war.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Senator Douglas knew southern's would not want to add another free state to the union so he proposed the Kansas-Nebraska act. He said that the Nebraska territory should be split into two pieces,Kansas and Nebraska. Then the settlers in each would decide on slavery with popular sovereignty. Overall the act seemed fair. But it split the country in half.