Who wouldn't be happy to have a break?


In summer we have the longest holidays of the whole school year. School ends around the 8th June and starts around the 12th September, thus we have about three months without school! During the summer holidays we go to the seaside, to the mountains or also to the lake with our friends or families. When we are on holiday we don't practice our sport, but we do some sports on the place:


Winter holidays start on the 24th December and last until the 7th January. During those holidays we celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Santo Stefano (Boxing Day) and Epiphany.In December there is snow on the mountains, so we sometimes go there to do winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding.


Summer and winter holidays are the most important, but we also have  shorter holidays.In February there are Carnival holidays which last about five days, the same for Easter holidays which can be in March or in April.
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