News Letter

By: Allie Bradley

Hello, my name is Allie and this is a little bit about me.


I like to create power points about things on the computer and I like to cook.


I have a mom & a dad. I have 3 brothers; Stephen who is 21, Izaac who is 15, and Christian who is 14. I also have 4 sisters; Margaret who is 16, Lizzie who is 13, Tori who is 10, and Hannah who is 6.

When I Grow Up

I would like to be somebody that helps troubled children.

This Summer

I had cheer and band camp this summer. I also went to Missouri Town.

Clubs, Activities, & Athletics

I do debate and forensics, Belton cheer, and color guard. I would also like to play soccer for Belton in the spring.

Fun Fact

I have 7 dogs; 1 basset hound, 2 English bulldogs, 3 chihuahuas, and 1 huskie mix. I also have a cat and a turtle.