Mrs. Walters' Wonders

A First Grade Newsletter

A Special Night

Please come to see your child's project on Thursday March 19th at 6:15. We will begin with a school wide presentation in the gym. Then we will have the Book Fair open and finally you may come to our classroom to see your child's project. The children are welcome to dress as the career they chose. We are working diligently on this project and hope to see you then.

What We Are Learning:

Reading- Exploring how sensory and feeling words help us understand a story or poem

Math- Place Value- tens and ones to 120 one more one less ten more and ten less as well as number order to 120

Social Studies- Maps and Career exploration

Writing- Writing poetry using sensory words

Please keep in mind that many assessments are being conducted for reading. Be sure you are reading nightly and asking the questions you were given. The children need to answer on paper so you may want to have them practice that at home once a week or so.

Thanks for your help at home!

Important Dates:

March Dates-

March 13- We will hear about many careers during our school day. Thanks for those who volunteered to present.

March 17- Wear green- We will have a special snack during our day.

March 19- Career Curriculum Night- 6:15pm Please join us for a presentation by your student as well as the Book Fair and other presentations. Your child is welcome to dress up as the career they chose. :)

March 26-27 School Days to make up for the snow

March 30- April 3 Spring Break

April 20- Field Trip to Lazy 5 Ranch- More information to come.

April 6- ( or earlier) Due date for Permission Slip and money/ online payment if desired.