History Block 2

Block II: From the Reform to the Restored Republic

Benito Juarez and the liberals

Once Ayutla had won their Revolution the liberals had the power of the knew generation. The objective of this people was to have a different type of government. Benito Juarez was one of the most important liberals that got to be a "diputado" and a governor of his native state, also he got to be president of the Supreme Court. Then he became president of the republic for 14 years. While he was president he defended the liberals. Liberals also contributed in the politics. He is still one of the most recognized figure of this times.

Aspects of the culture in Mexico

  1. After many wars mexicans started to study literature,painting and music.
  2. In those years mexicans wanted to show the world their customes, tradicions, culture, and the landscapes.
  3. Also the first school books were made and books were finally published.
  4. Some persons like: Guillermo Prieto and Jose Maria Iglesias stuided Mexico´s history and geography.
  5. With the republic restored the goverment wanted to bring the population together throught the culture and education.
  6. During this years the goverment built theaters, "palenques" for cockfighting and "plazas" for bull raicing.
  7. The arts in Mexico evolved a lot n this years.
  8. The Nacinal Anthem was written in those years.
Himno Nacional Mexicano con Letra
Pelea De Gallos En Ciudad Juarez Mexico Palenque El Camino

The National weapons were glorious

After the war in Puebla (may 5) against France, th general Ignacio Zaragoza told the president that they had won, and that the national weapons were glorious. This was a very important war because it was one of their first wars won after the independance. A little later everyone had an opinion about what happen depending on their politic interests.

The newspaper of that time: scenario for the ideas and cartoons

  1. During the presidence of Benito Juarez he achieved the liberty of expresing yourself, this permited new types of news paper (bigger texts) and cartoons.
  2. Because of this some politics were attacked and criticized even Benito Juarez.
  3. Then the "Decreto del gobierno sobre la libertad de imprenta," was distributed and included:
  • the liberty lo write and publish about any subject.
  • The only thing people will be punished is because of a crime against the law.
  • Also when bad things are adviced.
Big image

Why will Mexico will be different if this had not happened?

  1. Benito Juarez will had not been president.
  2. Many laws will had not been the same
  3. The anthem will be different because probably someone else will had written it.
  4. People will had have different discussion about laws.
  5. Many arts will had not been developed in Mexico.