Sammy Davis Jr's Life

by: Devon Hernandez

Early life

Born on December 8th 1925, Sammy davis junior as an infant he was raised by his paternal grandmother. When he was 3 his parents split up and Sammy went to live with his dad: Sammy Davis Sr. When his father and adopted uncle went on tour, Sammy did as well, and during then his father tought him how to tap dance. Shortly after he performed on stage with the 2 others and them 3 became known as the Will Mastin Trio.

Teenage years

Drafted into the army in 1943 Sammy Davis Jr was put into the entertainment unit during world war II. Every day Sammy would recieve racial comments and hate from other troopers. Though it was tough for him he found a way to pull through it and keep going.

Going Solo

After the war Sammy resumed his carrer in the show buisness with the Will Mastin Trio as the main attraction. But sadly in 1950, Sammy Davis jr went solo and produced 2 very sucssesful albims. He also became a Huge star on broadway and was in mr. Wonderful, and Golden boy

Go With The Flow

In November of 1954 Sammy Davis Jr almost died in a car accident but only shattered his face and ruined his left eye. Shortly after he had coonverted to Judaism. Later in 1960 Sammy had married Swedish actor May Britt and had 1 daughter together and adopted 2 sons.

Later Life

In 1959 Sammy Davis Jr was in the movie: Porgy and Bess, and he was also in a series of the Rat Pack movies in the early 60's. Sammy had married Antovise Gore, got into the top charts with Candyman in 1972, and co-stared with Gregory Hines in the film: Tap. On May 16, 1990, in Beaverly Hills, California, at age 64, Sammy Davis Jr had Died from cancer due to being a life long smoker


Sammy Davis Jr, "The entertainer" he did it all. He had such an impact on movies that he had set high expectations for the new-coming actors. He had almost carried tap dancing back up to being a well known thing. Sammy had done so much that "he did it all". His life overall would've been an exciting experiance for everyone. He had so many life accomplishments that by the time he died that there wasnt much more for Sammy Davis Jr.