What I learned in LS5443

or How I developed a love of collaboration!

First, A Little White Lie

I guess I am lying. I didn't really develop a love for collaboration. I already loved it! I had the best experience this year with two different teachers in my classroom. And I must say, we rocked it! I was so proud of us. We also reached kids that were "off the hook!" They didn't want to be there and made everyone miserable. Put them in small rotating groups, behavior shot up and so did their learning.

I thought I should already be a librarian, instead I needed to teach this year and have this experience while participating in this course.


Becoming an Advocate

I never knew how much I would have to stand up for my profession. I already feel that as a teacher, I am constantly fighting for what is best for my students. Now I know that I will have to apply that fight to being a librarian. I will have to sell collaboration to teachers and administrators. I will have to convince someone, everyday, that my job is important and vital to all stakeholders.

Coteaching Quote

"By participating in every aspect of a learning experience, you not only bring to that experience your expertise in reading, information, and technology, but you experience the impact on student learning. It is a very different experience to discover the effect on learning rather than just report time spent teaching."

Loertscher, David V. "Collaboration and Coteaching: A New Measure of Impact." Teacher Librarian 42.2 (2014): 8-19. Web.

Words to Collaborate By

"There are no rules for creating a collaborative environment."

McGregor, Joy. "Collaboration and Leadership." Curriculum Connections through the Library. Eds. Barbara K. Stripling and Sandra Hughes-Hassell.Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2003. 119-219. (pdf file) - located in BB Module 1

And now I plan to...

"The inquiry process allows teacher-librarians to work with students with different learning styles in that answers to questions can be found in print materials and audio-visual online resources, with the final project being a hands-on creation."

This is what I want to do. I want my future library to be full of students of all kinds searching for answers and using those answers to ask more questions and search for more answers. This loop should continue for infinity.

And, of course, books. My future library has books. I mean I can't survive without Scaredy Squirrel!

Carnesi, Sabrina, and Karen DiGiorgio. "Teaching the Inquiry Process to 21st Century Learners." Library Media Connection (2009): 32-36. Print.

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