The Lost Boy

By Dave Pelzer

A nine year old boy’s life

In the 1970, in Daly City, California a young boy named David Pelzer referred to as "it" had a horrific life. David's only processions were the old worn out clothes that he wore and what he carried in his paper bag. David was his mother’s prisoner and he was treated like a slave in "The House" David referred it as. David’s mother named Roerva was an alcoholic and had a husband and 3 boys but she thought she had to have one boy that was bad and chose David and had to punish him. David was an innocent child like any other. Roerva treated David very poorly, she never feed David so he had to search and steal for food, he had to sleep in the garage on an army cot, and she would hurt David for no reason. David was unloved his whole entire life and he desperately wanted it. Also no one tried to help him because they were afraid they would be punished like David was by mother.

A foster child in search for the love of a family

Imagine a boy that never had a place to call a home. David had a choice to stay with things the way they are or to run away not knowing where he was going. David chose to run away. David is now considered a foster child at age 12. During that time David had already been through five different foster homes that made him still feel unloved and still had no one to go to.

David's life now

David had a horrific life, but now he has kids of his own and has a beautiful wife and gets the respect that he should have.

Foster homes-a household in which a child is raised by someone other than its natural or adoptive parent

Possession-owner ship

Desperately- when u really wants or need something

Army cot-a small piece of mattress

Innocent-not involving evil intent or motive

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