Using your Technology to Read Books

Bookshare and Learning Ally

Dear Parent,

Welcome back to another great year in Language Science! As you know, your child has been exploring two free reading resources at school called Bookshare ( ) and Learning Ally ( ). Through both programs, your child gets free access to tens of thousands of accessible digital books, as well as assistive reading tools that will help them to read and study independently.

Currently, your child has a Member account with Bookshare and has access with a username and password I have provided to he/she and sent home. When your child logs into either website they will be able to have access and read books and textbooks at school and at home.

Learning Ally does not require a member account in order to have access to all the audio books. I have given your child the same username and password as Bookshare to make it easier for your child to remember. Now he/she can begin using the Learning Ally siteanywhere just by using that same login username and password.

Another way to get the most from Bookshare is to get your child's Individual account. A separate email will be sent from Bookshare with directions to register for the free individual account. All forms must be completed online to get the Individual account. This will enable you and your child to select his/her own books without waiting for it to be loaded by a teacher. In the meantime, please visit both websites for even more details and directions to make the process easier. Learning Ally doesn't have an Individual account.

If you need additional information, I will be having a meeting about both programs. At the end of the meeting you can sign up for the Individual account with Bookshare if you have not already done this at home. Please click on the Evite link to see the attached invitation with more information about the meeting. Please RSVP if you will be able to attend.


Don't forget to be looking for an email from Bookshare to get your child’s Individualaccount online and get familiar with the wonderful reading opportunities for your child. It may show up in your “junk” mail, so be sure to check there as well.

**Below you will find several videos from Bookshare and Learning Ally. Many others can also be found on Youtube.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.


Alisha Byerly