QR Codes

8 Tips for using QR Codes with your students

What is a QR Code

A QR code is a image made up of small boxes that are typically black and white, when these are scanned by a reader on a mobile device, it will direct you to a particular location on the web.


Add it to work sheets to direct student to associated online video's

Tip 2

Add it to your VLE as a way of linking to additional content, stored on your Google drive

Tip 3

Use in your studio or workshop to as a way of linking to COSH data or instruction sheets.

Tip 4

Colour code your QR Codes to help user identify the type of content, red equals video, purple equals text etc.

Tip 5

Using QR codes as part of a treasure hunt, could be way to introduce new student to the campus.


Use a site such as p-qr.com to create dynamic QR codes that can redirected to different sites.
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Create a laminated place mat which features a space for students to place their mobile phone and features 3 QR codes that are created dynamically so it can pointed do different sites each lesson. see below image
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Display a shortened URL along side your QR code for those student who don't have a QR code reader. example of shortened url goo.gl/c54dyw