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Straight from the MCVP;

Hello to you dear Wizard reader,

I'm pleased to come back to you with the Bi-Weekly Newsletter of oGCDP in its "Special Edition". Why Special? simply because we're in the biggest peak of summer preparation: ***Matching Peak***

This newsletter is special for its content, but not only this, it's also special for the impact it'll have on your entity, AIESEC in Morocco and Moroccan students generally providing them with life changing experiences this summer.

To remind you, in summer 2014, our strongest bottleneck was the matching, we lost a lot of potential change agents just because they couldn't find the right opportunities for themselves, however, this is a lesson to not be repeated ;)

It's time to move fast and tell the world that Morocco exist and is Strong with its Youth! Enjoy reading ^^

PS. The picture shows how much my ambition is strong and big for this Summer 15

AIESEC in Morocco 14/15

oGCDP in numbers

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Every entity joined on board this April, better late than never, we raised more than 350+ and matched 110+ Youhow!

With those matches, we reached 45% of the National Goal (which is 250 matches before end June)..Oh Yea! 55% is yet to be achieved in the upcoming 2 months (May & June) but mostly May as it's our last match peak, our last chance!!

The biggest contributors to those national results are AIESEC LC ANFA and AIESEC LC MENARA. Big Thumbs Up.

However, this doesn't mean that other entities are not contributing, but on a smaller scale. So to have visibility on this, the chart on right represents how much each entity is close to its goal and the TOP 2 entities are AIESEC LC MENARA and AIESEC SU OUFELLA. Can't be more proud!

Entities in red, I've faith in your potential so I'm expecting to see you TOP PERFORMERS by the next newsletter, in exactly 2 weeks! Go go go!!

oGCDP Movement

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After an intense MENAXLDS experience, I gained a big push of energy, and I'm sure also other oGCDP Wizards who were present..This made me think of AIESEC in Morocco reality, potential and purpose, and I only had it clear in the Gala Night where 6 of the Regional Awards given to MENA LCs, none was for entities of Morocco and 5 were for Egypt!

That night I cried (I'm being honest), not because of an Award that doesn't really represent much, but because of all AIESECers from Morocco who witnessed this, and others, who are putting all their efforts, time, energy and even money in their entities and functions but still couldn't celebrate this. Because of all efforts driven by each one of my VPs and my VPs teams.

Being solution oriented, what can we do? working more hard or less hard but smarter? obviously the second option was more attractive that night and so, I'm pleased dear reader to introduce to you..drum rolls..


(click to visit the website)

In order to be smart in oGCDP, we need to master each peace of the process, a lot of discussions were set in the oGCDP Summit, based on which 7 projects were launched

Summer Cooperations

Global Citizen Hub

Global Citizen Debates


Global Citizen Phone Application

Creative Summer

Market Research

All those projects were in mind since the begining of my term, yet they required a big amount of focus for me to be able to work on them (working hard), by thinking smart, I'm opening for you these projects to contribute to them, you're the ones who are truly able to make a difference, to compete with MENA and win the CHALLENGE!



Join the Movement..Apply before Sunday 3rd May at 11:59pm GMT+1

Show me how much you care about oGCDP, AIESEC in your entity and AIESEC in Morocco. Waiting to be impressed!

April National Matching Mania with Partners

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One of the other smart ways to reach to our ambition, and also in order to honor our engagement with our national partners, I'm pleased to invite you to our Matching Mania happening Sunday, 3rd May in Skype: aiesec.maroc

From 1pm to 5pm [GMT+1]: ASIA PACIFIC

From 5pm to 9pm [GMT+1]: MENA, CEE, LATIN AMERICA, WENA

What's Matching Mania?

We have a lot of EPs still available, and this is not good for the health of our operations. It's then highly important to invite EPs and be present to join this Matching Mania.

It's a conversation in skype where supply and demand is presented, TN managers presenting their offers and EPs/EPMs presenting their interests #MatchSouq

Who will be present?

Aside from EPs/EPMs, entities partners who confirmed presence so far are: Russia, Lebanon, Brazil, Indonesia, Mainland of China, Malaysia

Romania, Italy, Korea, India, Bahrain are also potential attendees this Sunday!

A special conversation will be opened for Africa countries to raise awareness of our EPs about the impact we can have in Africa compared to the one in Europe!

Matching Mania Flow:

Matching Mania will be divided by countries, which means, there will be conversation for each entity partner separetly, to the conversations, will be added TN managers of the country and also 9 individual representatives from each LC/IG/SU in Morocco who will have the role of adding EP managers and any other EPs from their entity, EP managers can then add their EPs also.

For an efficient MaMa, EPs need to be ready to take as many interviews as possible to higher their chances

Who are the entities respresentatives?

You're EP Manager from Menara? add Aminewillis (Amine El Kodmiri)

You're EP Manager from Anfa? add soukaina.clapton (Soukaina Bideq)

You're EP Manager from Hassan? add anasown (Anas Belhaj)

You're EP Manager from Oufella? add hasna.taoufiq (Hasna Taoufiq)

You're EP Manager from Les Ambassadeurs? add medamine_biad (Med Amine Biad)

You're EP Manager from Atlas? add Salma.h.alaoui (Salma Hassani Alaoui)

You're EP Manager from Mazagan? add Hasnae.zar (Hasnae Zarrouq)

You're EP Manager from Azur? add soukaina.bourzigui (Soukaina Bourzigui)

You're EP Manager from Saiss? add mizzovic1 (Hamza Alami)

**Please be present all along the MaMa to support your EPMs/EPs

Unclear? Mail me your questions at: sanae.elhabbari@aiesec.ma or inbox me on facebook. This MaMa is made to be a SUCCESS!

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Europe dream: Wake up!

Moroccan EPs tend to dream about going to Europe for Global Citizen (I was one of them 3 years ago and made it to Norway), even though, they might have really weak communication skills (English) or volunteering experiences. I officially warn you (hihi) about giving the promise to your EPs to go to Europe for 2 main reasons:

1stly, Europe destinations already closed doors, if not, are closing doors, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic are the entities we matched with the less because of their small amount of TNs, their requirements, and their timeline (most projects are on May-June)

2ndly, thinking logically, what is the impact a Moroccan student will bring to a developed country in Europe? we created a detractor in winter period of an EP who got realized in Italy and didn't appreciate his experience, simply because he doesn't feel the change, he was just a tourist! AIESEC is not a tourism agency, and to prove it, we need to send more students to regions where they can impact Aka MENA, LATAM and Asia!

Inactivity and unprofessionalism

As EP manager, you might be managing EPs who are inactive, they don't search enough for opportunities or unprofessional, they don't attend interviews scheduled on time or not at all. Those EPs should be simply warned because of their behaviors, as EP manager, you need to raise in them the urgence of finding a match ASAP because of several reasons, one of them is that it's end of April and opportunities are being taken by all other Moroccan and world EPs.
As my peer Amine says always, you need to control your EPs, not let them control you :D
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Hot News from AIESEC in Morocco

*Partnership review meetings are ongoing with MCVPs for a better implementation

*AIESEC LC Les Ambassadeurs are running a special marketing campaign to support Global Citizen

*Most entities started preparations for Travelers' Tale to happen in May

*Global Discovery Road by AIESEC LC Hassan was a success!

*Department meeting with oGCDPers from LC Les Ambassadeurs, hosted by MCVP oGCDP, to boost their motivation and prepare for hot summer

*SU Oufella is organizing a day for raised EPs to boost their matching

Apart from this, an era of elections is ongoing in all AIESEC in Morocco, it's also the same for oGCDP with all the strong leaders this function produce. Here you go with the list of our VPs elects and applicants. Best of luck for everyone!

oGCDP VPs elects: (soooo proud of you clap clapclap clap)

SAISS: Hamza Alami

AZUR: Soukaina Bourzigui

ANFA: Yasmine Moslih

ABS: Nouhaila El Bouhayati

AIESEC in Morocco: Jihane Atezgane

oGCDP VPs applicants: (make us proud)

MENARA: Ghoufrane Douelfkir, Badr Sbai

MAZAGAN: Hasnae Zarrouq

HASSAN: Anas Belhaj

ATLAS: Wafaa Derham

National Competition (until 31st May)

Big image

I WANT YOU SO MATCH is a national competition for oGCDPers from the 9 LC/IG/SUs to encourage you strive for excellence during this matching peak period

The happy winner team will be honored in the Gala Dinner of NatCo15, not only this, but an individual award will be given to the BEST MATCHER within the wining entity! Isn't that awesome? ^__^

Here you can find more info about the competition dates and criterias: I want you so MATCH..Don't you?

Recognition Corner (cream of the cream)

As this newsletter is "special", I would like to recognise many individuals, not only one, who are demonstrating their real committment to AIESEC and who are behaving along with our core 6 values..

Hind Afkir from AIESEC LC MENARA

For being an action oriented Team Leader, contributing with her team with 50% of the oGCDP matches for summer, and yet much to come!

*She is also the prize winner for the best EP Manager in March National Matching Mania! Hope you liked IC bag :)

Nouhaila Kebbaj from AIESEC LC ANFA

For being the TOP in matches with 10 EPs so far. Way to go!

Hasna Taoufiq from AIESEC SU OUFELLA (special recognition)

For being a leader who stand up for his team and stay strong whatever struggles facing, for making Oufella, our baby entity, shine with ambitious goals and big achievements

Stay being A.W.E.S.O.M.E

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