Fouquet, Jean

BY Hailey Dezso


Fouquet was born in Tours, France in the year of 1420. He spent most of his life in Tours, he was known as a painter.When he first began his training he started out as manuscript Illuminator. During his training he traveled a lot. He eventually opened his own shop in Tours . His most famous painting is of Charles VII who was also his patron. Some of other works are, Melun Diptych. Fouquet was the first to leading France in the 15th century. Charles VII was known to give commissions.and his court as well to Jean, eventually became the official court painter. Jean was the son of a priest . There is not much information on Jeans personal life , only that he spent most of his life in Tours and had his own shop. " A critic aptly referred to Jean Fouquet as a " piece of France personified " . His work was know as "sophisticated French Temperment " . One of the things that I liked about his work is that his work is really simple in a way that makes it elegant and mature or modern looking . Jean would fall under the catogory of arts and architecture for the Ism charts because he was a artist.