My Soundtrack for TBAF

Song 1) Exposition

Song 1 ) The opening scene where we See the man and his dog walking through the Yukon trail which is covered by nothing but snow. Songs best at (0:12)

Epic and Dramatic Trailer Music

Song 2) Rising Action

Song 2 ( while he stops to build another fire and dry his boots. He succeeds in building another fire, but his fingers are getting too cold to bend or feel anything. When his next attempt similarly fails the man's really in it now and he tries to make another fire but it's simply going nowhere good..

Orchestra Music for Montage (Epic Rising Action)

Song 3) Climax

Song 3 ( Now that the man knows he can't make another fire, he becomes more desperate. He looks to his dog and decides to warm his hands by killing the thing and plunging his hands into its warm body. But after tackling the dog, he realizes that he has no way of killing it without his hands. So he has to let it go.

Epic / Trailer Build Up Music #2 Movie Film Scene Scores Soundtracks CLIMACTIC TENSION CLIMAX FINAL

Song 4) Falling Action

Song 4) The man lies down in the snow and allows himself to slowly freeze to death, which he experiences as a drifting off into sleep. As he drifts away, he can see himself among his friends,walking down the creek from the camp and finding his own body. Then he finds himself inside a warm room with the old-timer from Sulphur Creek, and he admits out loud that the old-timer was right about not traveling alone

Dramatic music

Song 5) Resolution

Song 5) dog whos Confused at the sight of a human sitting in the snow without a fire. But when it smells death on the man, the dog howls for a few moments. Then it eventually trots off toward the camp.

Emotional Sad Music