Why Hoover Not Reassuring Enough

Hoover as we all know is not reassuring enough because when the people who don't have jobs need them then where is Hoover to help those people. Hoover is letting your friends sell everything they own and live on the street just so they can have money.

Hoover Cautious in Fixing the Problems

When president Hoover try to fix the problem he just mad the problem bigger the more he try to fix the problem. President Hoover is not fixing the problem by making people give up there houses and making them live in the street.

How Hoover thinks Government should Intervene to help

Hoover think that if the government should intervene to help then when the people need money Hoover could not just give everyone that needs the money to live. Hoover wants the people to live on there own money that they earn.

Why Hoover didn't give Direct Relief

President Hoover had to have the help from a a army that was called the Bonus Army because Hoover couldn't handle the poor people making him look bad. When Hoover didn't give the poor people direct relief that is when the people wanted war on Hoover.

What Hoover should have done

Hoover should of help the people find jobs and help the people with money problems. President Hoover should of made everything cost lose instead of having people give up there homes to have money for food, he could of try to give the people what they wanted too.