Rome, Italy

Rome... yummy food, beautiful beaches, and hot days!

Rome's Remarkable Food!

Food is very important to Italians! Italians passion for food began nearly 2,000 years ago. Their diet is mainly fish, cheese, porridge, and olives. Italian food is very healthy according to their diet. Rome's most eaten and famous pizza is the classic margarita pizza. Food is the most important in culture for the Italians!

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Rome's Long History

Italy has the most famous pieces of art than any other country in the world. At about 800 BC, greeks came to Italy, which led to the renaissance time period. The renaissance occurred in Italy during the 15th and the 16th century. "David" the sculpture is there by Michelangelo, and the art in the Sistine chapel is there too! Italy also has the Mono Lisa, and The Last Dinner by Leonardo Davinci. Food and the arts of rome are very important to their city and their culture.

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Rome's activities

Now, you may think: what can i do at this beautiful, breath taking destination? Rome had the renaissance and the middle ages, which means they have many museums and landmarks from that time period. Beaches are very popular during the summer- believe it or not!! (Rome is kind of popular for its beaches and mountains!) Soccer (calico- football) is the most popular sport in Italy, so if your a sports fan, come to one of their games! "2nd most popular vacation destination in Rome are the beaches and mountains" There are many fun activities to do in this wonderful city of Rome, on your un-forgettable vacation!

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Rome's beautiful landmarks!

Rome has many cool landmarks! come check them out!! Barley 75% of Italy is water. Italy is the 4th biggest country in west europe. A total of 113,512 square miles of Italy only. Has the Collusseum, construction started around 70 AD! And also italy holds the leaning tower of Piza, and construction started in 1173. Landmarks are another thing Rome is popular for.

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The Rome-ance Language

Italian language is very expressive and important to the italians. Italian is the national language of Italy and 14% speak french while 29% speak english. The Italian language influnces on other languages, like latin, which makes it the "romance language". The Italian language is very self expressive when being spoken. The Italian launguage is national to italy.

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Oh, Sunny Rome!

This will help know what to pack! Summers go up to 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C. Very hot!! Clearly summers get very hot according to it goes up 104 degrees F. The rest of the country has normal summers, and did you know: Italy is a little bigger than Arizona? It s! Italy also has independent nation Vacant City and San Morano. The weather may only be slightly different than Texas weather.

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