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By: Sarahi Garcia

Why is it important to be Organized and Efficient?

Being organized and efficient is very important for many people that work because they have to set a good example of the selves showing they are organized and efficient. In the next two slides you will learn about how to be organized and efficient for work.

Why is it important to be Organized?

Being organized is a very important task for many people that work. People that work set good impressions to others that aren't organized. ''Employees with better organization skills are more productive on the job, make better impressions on bosses and receive more promotions than those who keep sloppy, inefficient habits.''

How to be organized?

There are many ways for you to be organized. One of the ways to be organized is by creating a email and putting in important documents in a folder. When creating a folder name it short to the point and is relating to the document that you put in your folder. Don't use underscores or text language when creating a folder. For example, in school for on of my classes Digital Literacy we all stay organized by putting in important document in the folder on the lesson we are learning. Keeping all your documents related to the topic makes you find them very easily in the future when you need them. Doing these steps will show your teacher or boss how organized you are and by that they will give you better opportunities in the future and will set a good example to them. "Being organized helps you avoid costly mistakes, such as overlooking information or missing appointments. Losing track of the memo your boss gave you can mean time- and money-wasting errors."
How to Create and Share a Google Doc

Why is it important to be Efficient ?

Being efficient is important for MANY people that work. If you are Efficient you spend less time finding a document without even putting as much of the effort as you would.

How To be Efficient

To be Efficient is very similar to being organized. If you are organized with your work you will find things way more faster in your files that are related to the topic. Being efficient will empress people because they will see how you find your documents and files in you folder in less time than they do. If you aren't efficient with your work it would take you a good 5 minutes trying to find your's, but if you are efficient it will only take you a minute at most to find your document related to your topic. This will definitely show people that your work is good work quality.