Roots of Change

By Rachel Kruse, Mckenzie Hoiser, and Ross Laird 7th period

What Does Change Mean to You?

Our world is ever changing ... every hour, every minute, every second. Humans make decisions that affect the worlds population for years and years afterwards. Communities are taking leaps forward in innovation and we are interacting and involving with each other more and more.


Our entire human culture and communication all evolved from trade. This was the very first influences of human interactions and the sprea of new materials and ideas all over the world. In an essence, trade has united all the individuals and countries of the world, through ancient and modern trade.

Human Conflict

Two arguing parties, with different views, opinions, heritage, culture, or appearances can often cause a change, in which these sides separate and cause a divide.


As we are in the 21st century, our supplies and accessibility to the advancing technologies are so abundant. In the past, certain things have helped us to build our knowledge of these resources and now, we are further expanding that, causing a huge change, which is mainly beneficial, to humans and the environment.

Rachel Kruse

Trade Silk Road and U.S. Trade
Human Conflict
Technologies- Medicine

Mckenzie Hoiser

Ross Laird