Concertante Orchestra Performances

This year challenged us to explore new ways to bring our students together in concert. With 85% of our program Virtual and 15% in person split across five classes, we experimented and discovered new ways to perform. From the start of the year we opened with Outdoor and Zoom Concerts. As we made our way into November, student's identified personal goals and demonstrated these through Solos or Ensembles in a Virtual Recital and Music Walk. Winter Concert performances were performed through Upbeat and live in our Auditorium. UIL and Spring Concerts gave students more ownership on their individual performances to contribute to an incredible experience overall.

Fall Concert Videos

Concertante Fall Concert

Winter Concert Videos

A Mariachi Christmas - CHS Orchestra - Winter Concert - (2020-2021)

UIL Concert Videos

Ethos - CHS Orchestra - UIL Performance (2020-2021)
Emperor's Waltz - CHS Orchestra - UIL Performance (2020-2021)
Adventures In India - CHS Orchestra - UIL Performance (2020-2021)
Adventures in India - Virtual Orchestra - (2020-2021)
Ethos - Virtual Orchestra - (2020-2021)

Spring Concert Videos

Time Machine - CHS Orchestra - Spring Concert (2020-2021)

Spring Story Projects

Time Machine Spring Concert Projects

Solo & Ensemble Projects

CHS Concertante Orchestra - Solo and Ensembles (2020-2021)

Cover Song Projects

Concertante Cover Song Projects